Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His People

Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His people

Some people think amazing miracles, gifts and cures ended with the time of the Apostles. We don't believe that is true. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (NIV - Hebrew 13:8). Jesus is still performing signs and wonders, miracles and healing today. Would you share how Jesus touched you? Submit your story to so we can post them. The Good News needs to be shared. This is the Day of Salvation. Miracles and signs do continue to confirm in power the Gospel of Jesus Christ today! Have faith. Repent and Believe!

God's Stories
Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His People

Cigarette Addition Healed

Greetings Ms. Christina Turullols, If I have my dates correct, the CCRA had a Healing Mass at San Jose parish on Friday, November 15, 2013. Can you tell me by chance, who the priest was that was part of the healing? I had gone to the healing service because I had many things and people I was praying for. Not thinking of myself at the time. However, I had been a cigarette smoker for many many years. After I left the Healing Service that Friday night at San Jose in November 2013, I did not have the urge to light up a cigarette which I though was rather odd because that is the first thing I do when getting into my vehicle. Ms. Turullols, I have not had another cigarette nor the urge to smoke after the Healing Service. I went to pray for others and ended up with a healing for myself. I have not smoked for 2 1/2 years nor have I had any urge !!! I am not sure who the priest was but that night, as I face the altar, he was on the right hand side. Please tell me you know who the priest is if you know. Forever grateful,

Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His People

No More Anxiety in Christ!

As a woman in the 60’s, I have always struggled with family issues, which burden my heart. I knew I could not change the situation between me and my family, so the pain never really left my heart. I had years of counseling with little result. Recently I noticed a dramatic change in a friend’s husband and ask how the change\miracle came about. My friend told me her life changing experience with Christina and Mary. I contacted them immediately and made an appointment, I needed forgiveness and inner peace for the situation I did not have control over (to let go). After the 1st session with Christina and Mary, I no longer felt anxiety. They provided me with a “Daily Prayer Covering” which I pray each morning. Also I read “The Bible Promise Book for Morning and Evening” prayers. I continue to practice daily the “Fruit of the Holy Spirit”: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and Self-Control. Thank God, I Forgave me and my family. Now when I see my family, I no longer have anxiety. I live and sleep a better life with God. Again, I contact Christina and Mary since my husband was dealing with his issues. Because we are married and as one, I stepped in for him to help with his forgiveness and inner peace. I noticed a great change in my husband, God released his anxiety, now he is a peaceful man. Although all my life I had been going to church and praying, Christinia and Mary led me to the “Higher God” and “Holy Sprit”, which provided my husband and I with Forgiveness, Joy and Inner Peace. *Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace*. Thank you Christina and Mary for my life changing experience

Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His People

Retreat At Our Lady of Guadalupe

Hello Christia, I wanted to let you how much this renewal conference help me spiritually! This week, I have been able to read the bible and have quiet prayer time before I go to sleep. I want you to know that I have sleeping like a newborn baby! Before I was waking up constantly listening to noise's around, now I go into a deep relaxing sleep. Praise the Lord! I feel I have reborn the Holy Spirit! I would like to be a volunteer for your conference's to help out. where I'm needed. St. Ignatius has the charismatic meeting on the last Tuesday of the month and I plan on attending them as well.
Thank you,

Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His People

Healed of MS

Mindy, Pat and Mary prayed for Silvia's soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Kristy, some months ago. Kristy is healed from MS. Thank You Jesus! Here is the update from Kristy: I wanted to give you an update on your prayers. I went from taking to 5 different medications a day to 1 and stepping down to 0. My spot on my brain was so small they almost missed it. My doctor told me that I definitely have a higher power on my side. I'm now in remission. And we say...Praise His Holy name for His power is beyond all!

Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His People

Glory to God

I was searching on the internet for Charismatic Prayer Groups in Austin. I was lead by God to call Christina. We spoke and she stated that they would meet the following day at her house. They meet every 1st Thursday of every month. I went to the Charismatic Prayer Meeting at Christina's house in Austin, Texas on the 1st Thursday of May, May 2nd, 2013. When I walked in, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit....the guitar music, the praying, overwhelmed me, that I could not contain my tears! I was very emotional because my son had recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Testicular Cancer. I was extremely moved by the loving presence of Our Lord in that room and the love that I felt. I felt the love not only from God, but by Christina, Mary, and the other prayer warriors. My 32 year old son, had never been sick in his life! He is now 33 and has had 2 operations, 3 blood transfusions, morphine and iron drips....when I saw him at the hospital, he was as white as a sheet!....His face, his arms,.....I tried to be strong, but tears rolled down my could this be? healthy "baby" was very sick! I prayed with the group and they individually prayed for me and my oldest son, who came with me. My youngest son came home from the hospital the following week! Praise God! He had been in the hospital for 3 weeks! He needed a cane to walk, but his color was coming back! I attended another prayer meeting on June 6th, 2013, and again I felt the Holy Spirit. I had been having nosebleeds ( 5 in one day!), swelling to both my legs,unexplainable( I had not hit myself!) bruises to my breast and stomach area. My doctor said the blood work had shown nothing abnormal.....I felt sick, no matter what the tests showed! At the prayer meeting, I was prayed over and also submitted requests for prayers for many friends and relatives. I am happy to report that: my son is walking without a cane and can now drive and eat better, I have no swelling, no bruises, and have not had a nosebleed since that night! Praise Almighty God! Thank you, Jesus!!! As for my cousin, he is gaining his weight back,(he was very sick and having digestive issues) and working again. My friend's surgery was cancelled and my cousin from Houston does not have cancer. I am waiting to give more testimonies on the other people I submitted prayers for. I am ready soon to report a Mighty Healing concerning my son's cancer!!!...A Miracle from God that I will proclaim to all who will listen.....A Mighty Testimony that healings and miracles still happen today!!!! Thank Almighty God! The Lord led me to this group of Spirit-filled Prayer Warriors! Thank you all so much for your dedication to helping me and others. God Bless You All!.....Glory to God!!!!/VCA P.S. The Lord has also healed me from Colon Cancer and Uterine Cancer. Thank You,Jesus!!!!

Real Life Testimonies of God's Goodness to His People

We serve an Awesome God!

What an amazing God we have that stand in His promises. On Wed May 29 we started a 9 days of prayers fasting for J., that was in a coma near death for more than 3 weeks due to a strange infection spreading really fast in the lower part of his body, Thursday May 30, just over 32 hours of this offering J. is out of ICU in his long way to recovery, said the doctors. The Novena of prayers and fasting ended on Thursday June 6, we really believe God touch J. Saturday June 8th, 36 hours after the novena has ended J. is discharged and OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, THANK YOU LORD, ALL GLORY GOES TO YOU OUR JESUS. An special thank you from my heart go to you Alive in the Spirit intercessors who came forward to move mountains in J's way as well as the other prayer requests we have had during this novena of prayers and fasting.

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